Why you shouldn’t drink our Magic Molecules

October 08, 2021 2 min read

Why you shouldn’t drink our Magic Molecules

We love shouting about how natural our formulas are, but that has led to us being asked:

“If your products are so safe and natural, why do you advise to not drink the contents?”

Our Magic Molecules are all derived from natural, and in some cases, organic ingredients, often containing vitamins and minerals found in our diet. We promote their use on home grown veggies and fruits as a way to get bigger, tastier, more nutritionally dense and more plentiful harvests - all without the need of artificial, harmful pesticides and other gardening chemicals. So why are they safe to use on the things we eat but not to drink? The instructions on our products have clear dilution ratios. This means our Magic Molecule formulas are highly concentrated – this is why it shouldn’t be ingested. There are many things which can be harmful to us if we ingest them in high quantities or in concentration - even water can be harmful if drunk in excess.

It is because of this we advise to keep our products out of reach of children, and to not directly consume our products.

We have designed the range this way to be better value for the customer and the planet. Water can be added to achieve the right dilution at home. The alternative would be prediluted, larger bottle, more packaging and far more energy to transport. As sustainability is at the heart of all we do we prefer the concentrated alternative.

Biostimulants are not specifically regulated by any UK government body but we still think it’s safer to follow regular safety standards by including Safety Data Sheet to outline any hazards or possible risks. Each individual component of our formula is examined to inform any warning and safety information. Better safe than sorry!

How to safely use our Magic Molecules products: Our formulas have been developed to be used in the garden or indoors for houseplants. The statement on our packaging is there to guide this. Therefore, we advise it is kept out of reach of children and pets, and not to drink or bathe in it, especially whilst in a concentrated form, just like any other gardening products.

Dilute as the label states when in use.