Why are our products safe and natural?

June 23, 2021 2 min read

Why are our products safe and natural?

When we set out to develop the our biostimulants for plants it was driven by the need for really effective and sustainable ways to get the best for our gardens whilst keeping our products safe and natural – not just for the plants but for our environment, our gardens, our lives, children and pets – not forgetting the bees.

The Magic Molecule Co. research team make sure that the contents in our products are always from natural sources, such as plant extractions and minerals.

So, if it’s safe does that mean you can drink it?

Our science and research team are often asked this and their response is:

“ there isn’t anything in our products that we wouldn’t happily consume “

However, please remember that they absolutely don’t recommend this of course.

But why not if it’s safe?

It’s all about the concentration levels in our formulas. Our formulation is so highly concentrated and like most things, in excess it can be harmful. This is why it is heavily diluted to be most effective for our plants. Let’s face it, even water can be harmful if you have too much.

Much of what we’re combining to create our special blend can be found naturally in our diets too. Some of the vitamins and minerals that plants need to thrive are what we also need – in fact we often get that specific nutrition rom the plants we eat. Therefore, we are exceptionally mindful that our products will be:

  • Used on your fruit and veg patches before making their way to your dinner table
  • Applied to your lawns and flowerbeds where pets and children will play
  • Used for plants within the home

Our biostimulant formulas are intended to be diluted before use. As the environmental impact of production is becoming increasingly clear, products across many sectors are now being packaged in a concentrated format, saving space and weight for transportation. At The Magic Molecule Co. we employ the same approach. When diluted with water as intended, the formulation will then be at its optimum concentration for applying to your plants, giving them a boost without overdoing it.  

You can then dilute it at home, safe in the knowledge that the health of your family, plants and environment have all been painstakingly considered by our research team.

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