Packaging: Designed with Quality and Sustainability in Mind

October 22, 2022 1 min read

Packaging: Designed with Quality and Sustainability in Mind

As a business, here at The Magic Molecule Co., we strive to do our bit for the planet.

Our biostimulant formulas support your plants with natural ingredients to boost their health and the health of the surrounding soil.

Create an innovative biostimulant product that works ✔

Make sure it’s eco-friendly ✔

MMCO Bottle Design

The next step is bottling our biostimulants for easy use at home. Our bottles and caps are all aluminium, a lightweight and recyclable material. It can be used again and again and again….and again! The quality of the material does not deteriorate during the recycling process. By being lightweight, not as much energy is required in the transportation part of the supply chain, and its strength as a material means that the bottles get to you safely.

Design a stylish container ✔

Ensure it’s endlessly recyclable and eco-friendly ✔

MMCO Packaging

However, when you purchase a bottle of our biostimulants from The Magic Molecule Co., it’s not just the bottle that arrives, the bottles are contained within outer packaging. We chose cardboard, another recyclable material, and one that is also biodegradable. We chose an uncoated version, not laminated in plastic or other coatings to ensure it’s always easily recycled.

Our little boxes might not seem like much, but just one tonne of recycled cardboard can save up to 17 trees from being cut down.

Create a smart outer packaging ✔

Make sure it’s 100% recyclable and biodegradable to protect from unnecessary deforestation ✔

Do you consider the quality and sustainability of garden products before purchasing? If you haven’t yet tried The Magic Molecule Co. biostimulant range, then click here to browse