01 Flower + 02 Lawn + 03 Fruit + 04 Houseplants Quad Pack

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This complete pack gives you a full house (and garden) set. Not only will you be leading the way outdoors, making your flowers, shrubs, lawns, fruit and veggies the very best they can be, the addition of our No. 04 will help you care for your indoor plants too.

Our proven biostimulants have been innovated by the same scientific team who have developed winning formulas for top sports stadia, flower professionals and agriculture. These industries are having to move to more sustainable practices but still want the best results. This is why we think you’ll love them. If you want to care for your plants indoor and out and look after your own garden environment more sustainably, then our Magic Molecules are for you. Your plants will have

  • Stronger roots for flowering plants, shrubs and grass
  • Darker green foliage and rich green grass as leaves produce more chlorophyll
  • Better defence against indoor and outdoors pests and diseases
  • Faster recovery from harsh or extreme weather conditions
  • Bigger, sweeter fruits and tastier veggies
  • Organic formula for healthy fruit and veg
  • Better propagation and root growth