December Gardening Tips

November 25, 2022 2 min read

December Gardening Tips

It’s December, the end of the year is in sight, and many of us would prefer to be inside enjoying mince pies than working on the garden. When we do have to venture out though, there’s lots of jobs to keep frost bitten fingers at bay.

Here’s what is on our to do list for the month:

  • Now is a good time to trim deciduous trees and hedges. As the leaves have dropped, their branches are much more visible, and easier to tackle
  • It’s also a good time to plant hedges or shrubs. Bonus points for using varieties that will provide berries for birds this winter
  • Prune apple trees
  • Make sure your shallow ponds don’t freeze over, and that there is an area that remains unfrozen. Some hot water will melt a hole, a water feature will prevent freezing, or you can put a floating ball in to keep an area ice free. It’s important to try and avoid smashing the ice though so we don’t disturb the pond life
  • If you’re planning a garden redesign, now is the perfect time to dig new borders and beds
  • It’s also a good time to tick off those general maintenance jobs. Fixing structures and fences for the bad weather ahead will reduce the possible incoming damage from the wind, rain and cold
  • Check your outdoor plant pots are properly sheltered, wrapped and staked to avoid winter damage - Rake up fallen leaves to prevent pests taking shelter there, or the spread of disease
  • Harvest leeks and parsnips from the veg patch and whip up something delicious
  • Whilst it’s difficult to plan ahead for warm weather at the moment, now is the time to plan ahead for a colourful summer. Place your order for flowering bulbs such as lilies or gladioli

With the glut of parsnips at the moment, lots are finding their way onto our dinner tables. Whilst we think there’s nothing better than a traditional roast parsnip, here’s a delicious alternative if you fancy giving something else a try:

Parsnip rösti with harissa, feta & caramelised red onions recipe | BBC Good Food

What jobs are you keeping busy and warm with in your garden this month?