Words from our CEO: A Research Update

October 16, 2022 2 min read

Words from our CEO: A Research Update

We’ve asked our CEO Richard Salvage to share a little bit about the biostimulant research currently underway at The Magic Molecule Company and here’s what he told us:

“There are lots of different bioactive compounds that occur naturally all around us. Identifying and harnessing them is a key part of what we do in the Magic Molecule experimental laboratories and greenhouses.

Fossilised Plant

Plants in different forms have been with us for over 500 million years and in that time have seen some very different conditions which have shaped their DNA make up. They have been responsible in all that time for contributing to the increase in oxygen levels in our atmosphere, which can sustain human life.

Many of these different conditions have been stressful events for plants, forcing them to manufacture different chemistries within their cell structures to defend themselves against environment stresses or abiotic stresses. Some of these complex compounds are produced as polyphenols and bioflavonoids which have several roles within the plant to help protect itself and to flourish.

Currently we are looking at a number of different plant varieties that have evolved in extreme conditions and are therefore more likely to produce highly bioactive, protective and stimulatory molecules. Learning how biostimulants work is fundamental in understanding how design the best formulations and improve on existing techniques.

We measure many different and important phenotypes in a range of different plant species. These include:

  • Root length and mass
  • Leaf size and length
  • Biomass weight
  • Number of flowers
  • Number of fruit
  • Weight of fruit
  • Sugar content of fruit
  • Chlorophyll production

We look at how these different parameters or phenotypes change when the plant is treated with the different components that make up our Magic Molecule formulations. Then we optimise the amount of each component to maximise its positive effect on the plant. So the finished formulation produces an effect greater than that of the sum of the parts.”

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