How Biostimulants improve the health of the planet

September 16, 2021 2 min read

How Biostimulants improve the health of the planet

We’ve already shared why biostimulants are a great way to support your plant’s health, but it’s also important to know that when you choose to use these, you’re also supporting many other systems in our environment.

By using biostimulants we are helping to protect our planet including:

Soil Health

  • Biostimulants support a diverse and health population of microorganisms in the soil
  • Reduces the need for chemical fertilisers
  • Healthy soil retains water more effectively, reducing soil erosion

Plant health

  • Better resilience to stressors such as weather changes, pests or disease
  • Nutrient uptake is improved with biostimulants
  • Biostimulants improve the efficiency of the metabolism of the plant • Improved plant quality, meaning your flowers are more plentiful, and homegrown fruit and veg is tastier and more nutritious
  • More plants and food can be successfully grown in smaller spaces as the yield is higher
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Wildlife Health

Reduced need for indiscriminate pesticides, leading to a boost in biodiversity

This will lead to more pollinators, an essential part of the wider ecosystem

Smaller quantities of chemicals used in fertilisers will run off into nearby water sources, where it decimates that habitat

Human Health

  • Food waste can be minimised meaning the quantity of food needed to feed the growing population is more achievable
  • A plant’s water efficiency is improved with access to biostimulants, meaning supplies of drinkable water can be better distributed for other human needs
  • Biodiversity is maintained, meaning other food sources are not disrupted
  • Harmful chemicals are less likely to enter the food chain

Planet Health

It is clear that all these things will contribute to better overall planetary health. The agricultural industry will not need to compete with wildlife and green spaces as heavily, encouraging more diversity, less water pollution and less pollution associated with the manufacturing of artificial chemicals.

We believe the adoption of biostimulant technology in commercial and private settings will steer us towards a more sustainable future, as there are so many positive outcomes made from an otherwise simple change. Are you ready to make that change?

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