01 + 02 + 03 Flowers + Shrubs + Lawns + Fruit + Veg Triple Pack

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Our triple pack will put you a giant leap ahead when it comes to caring for your lawns, flowers, shrubs and fruit and veggie plants.

Our proven biostimulants are developed by the same scientific team who are trusted by championship golf greens, agricultural giants and professional flower growers. If you want to care for your plants, make them all the best they can be, then we think you’ll love our biostimulants. Our Magic Molecules will help you get the very best in your garden by giving your plants:

  • Stronger roots for flowering plants, shrubs and grass
  • Darker green foliage and rich green grass as leaves produce more chlorophyll
  • Better defence against pests and diseases
  • Faster recovery from harsh or extreme weather conditions
  • Bigger, sweeter fruits and tastier veggies
  • Organic formula for healthy fruit and veg