Blooming Great Stuff!

01 Flowers & Shrubs - 500ml

“I'm by no means an expert gardener but I do enjoy growing pot plants & hanging baskets. With more time on my hands recently and having come across The Magic Molecule Co. I decided to give the 01 Flowers + Shrubs biostimulant a go, even though I am new to this type of product. I am very impressed with the results. Not long after using the product the plants turned darker and richer in colour then after 3-4 weeks the flowers grew to be much bigger and fuller. I'm now hoping they last longer as well.....good stuff"

Amanda (Customer)

Water only

01 Flowers & Shrubs

Lawn Transformed

02 Garden Lawns - 500ml

“Our north facing garden is not well situated for growing a beautiful green lawn. It requires a lot more care and maintenance, and with kids it often turned to mud. We gave it an overhaul, tried reseeding, and gave 02 Garden Lawns a go to try and help it along. The pictures speak for themselves! 02 Garden Lawns was applied when the grass seed was put down, and then again 4 weeks later as shoots started to appear. Now we have a lush lawn to enjoy the sunny days on.”

Tony (Customer)

Lawn before treatment

Result using 02 Garden Lawns

Thank you The Magic Molecule Co.

02 Garden Lawns - 500ml

“We applied two doses of your lawn treatment with some grass seed and topsoil, and you can see from the before and after pictures that the lawn is now ready for another cricket battering this summer”

Steve (Customer)



Tomatoes are growing quicker and bigger

03 Fruit & Vegetables - 500ml

"I have been really pleased to see much accelerated growth in my tomatoes. Over the same period of time I treated one row of tomatoes with 03 Fruit + Vegetables whilst I simply watered the other row as normal. Looking at the results to date I'm please and very happy to see such a big difference in the growth cycle, at this rate my tomatoes will be ready to pick in around 7 weeks which I have never achieved before."

Bernie Jobe (Grower)

After 5 weeks - water only

5-6 weeks - treated with 03 Fruit + Vegetables biostimulant