Can The Magic Molecule Co. products be used in pots and window boxes?

October 15, 2021 1 min read

Can The Magic Molecule Co. products be used in pots and window boxes?

The short answer? YES!

Longer answer? Absolutely, yes it can. We have a product specifically for you.

Our 04 Houseplants biostimulant is formulated specifically for your indoor pots and planters. Its concentrated formula ensures packaging is kept to a minimum, perfect if you are short on storage space, and contains only 100% naturally occurring compounds, meaning it is safe for use around children and pets.

Regular use improves the long term health of all sorts of plant varieties, including all those cool cacti around at the moment, indoor and conservatory trees, window boxes and hanging baskets. A little dash of 04 into your watering can will make

  • Leaves visibly healthier
  • Flowers last longer
  • Roots stronger

Our 04 Houseplants biostimulant will help you enjoy your plants as it makes them so much more resilient. As our biostimulant formula boosts root growth, it can also be used in the propagation process . So you can take cuttings and our Magic Molecules will encourage the new roots and growth to take hold. So you can save money rather than spend on more plant purchases, have the satisfaction of nurturing a plant from scratch and then gift your plantlings with your friends.

Propagating Succulents

How to use it? Dilute in a container as instructed and use when you would otherwise water your plants depending on their needs.

Ready to give your houseplants a boost?