Biostimulants to Plants are like Supplements to Humans

May 10, 2021 2 min read

Biostimulants to Plants are like Supplements to Humans

There is an enormous number of products available to us which are sold as food supplements in our supermarkets and health food shops.

These contain a concentrated amount of a substance designed to be added into our diet to aid our wellbeing. In 2018 it was estimated that £442 million was spent on vitamin and mineral supplements, including cod liver oil and multivitamins, in the UK.

Substances such as iron, calcium and vitamin C are essential in small amounts for our bodies to keep working. For example:

  • vitamin D contributes to the development and maintenance of healthy bones and teeth
  • iron is used to make a protein that carries oxygen around your body in your blood
  • folic acid is also necessary in the production of red blood cells

We cannot make these ourselves, but most of us can access these required nutrients and substances through a healthy diet. However, some people can be at risk of a deficiency and may be encouraged to supplement their diet with these products.

The widespread awareness and use of these supplements amongst humans make it a useful way of describing the need for these nutrients to be available for optimal plant health.

Just like humans, plants need access to certain vitamins and minerals to support proper growth. They are also not able to make these nutrients, but instead have to source them from their surroundings. Biostimulants are better compared to supplements, as opposed to a food and ensure they are not at risk of a deficiency of essential nutrients.

For example:

  • nitrogen helps foliage development and give leaves their green colouring
  • vitamin C is essential for plant growth

Our range of plant biostimulants at The Magic Molecule Co. are an ideal supplement to enhance nutrient uptake, and improve the internal processes involved in your garden’s growth and resilience.

For more information on how a biostimulant can improve your garden read our biostimulant information blog.

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