What can we learn from plants?

July 05, 2021 2 min read

What can we learn from plants?

We’ve been conducting our own internal experiment here at The Magic Molecule Co. We asked ourselves the following question.

“What can we learn from plants?”

So, are you sitting comfortably?

You need good soil

All gardeners are aware that a good nutrient rich soil will be incredibly beneficial for the growth and development of the garden. The same logic applies for people. With good strong foundations we can build onwards and upwards. Pair this with the right mix of nutrients and ideal conditions for growing, and there’s no stopping us, plants or humans, we will grow and thrive.


Plants turn towards the sun

Sunflowers are an excellent heliotropic example, but by no means the only one! Plants require sunlight to photosynthesise and complete processes necessary for the plant to grow. Humans also need a dose of sunlight. It provides us with an easy way to acquire Vitamin D to keep us functioning well. But it is also a lovely metaphor for optimism and focusing on the positive things in our lives that help us to grow as individuals.

Plants adapt to their environment

Plants adapt through the changing seasons. We see this most dramatically in autumn when the leaves all change colour and drop off the trees, and again in spring, when everywhere seems to suddenly feel full of life again. Perhaps we should also accept the that there are always changes in our lives that are out of our control (like a pandemic!) and accepting that and adapting as best we can will improve our wellbeing.


I’m sure we’ve all willed plants to grow faster, or for fruits and flowers to develop quicker. We cannot dictate the speed of growth of the plant, just as we must have patience and understanding in our own lives. We have to trust the process, and we will be rewarded at the end of it.

Lemon Tree

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