How to keep your lawn looking fresh during the summer months

June 23, 2021 1 min read

How to keep your lawn looking fresh during the summer months

Summer is the season where our lawns really take a battering. The summer heat, kids’ garden toys, paddling pools and the increased footfall from our family and friends popping over can leave it looking patchy and sad by the end of the season. 

We’ve put together a simple check list as a reminder of what to look out for during the warmer seasons to keep your lawn in tip top condition:

  • Make sure you’re mowing your lawn at the right height and with sharpened mower blades
  • Leave clippings on the lawn as a method of ‘grasscycling’ and avoid spending on fertilisers
  • Clean up after your dog to prevent dying patches. Use water in the area they’ve been using to dilute any urine in the soil
  • Remove any debris from being used, such as toys or litter
  • Use our proven lawn supplement for a more luxuriant lawn

How do I use it?

Simply mix our 02 Garden Lawns Biostimulant with water and give your thirsty lawn some hydration by watering evenly. The best times to do this are when it’s cooler to prevent evaporation, such as the morning or the evening.

02 Garden Lawns

With regular application, The Magic Molecule Co., 02 Garden Lawns biostimulant will support the long-term health of your turf, resulting in a richer colour and stronger roots meaning they can withstand heavy use throughout the summer and still look good heading into autumn.

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