What is a biostimulant?

April 20, 2020 2 min read

What is a biostimulant?

We are all used to offering our plants, flowers and grass a range of different chemical compounds to help them through the seasons.  

These can vary from weed killers to reduce the competition, fungicides to kill disease and fertilisers to help ailing plants to grow and flourish.

More and more people and especially gardeners are looking for more natural means of helping plants thrive and turning to biostimulants to boost plant immunity and promote better plant health.

Biostimulants can have a profound effect on a number of key processes in a plant such as:

  • Chlorophyll production
  • Root development
  • Growth
  • Yield
  • Stress management. 

But what are biostimulants?

Sometimes it is easier to describe something by what it is not.  Biostimulants are not fertilisers. They usually contain very little Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium (NPK).

Instead, they do contain very specialist biochemistry that plants usually make for themselves.

Here is what we at The Magic Molecule Co. believe a biostimulant is:

A biostimulant applied to a plant or seed, or to its immediate environment, brings about beneficial change without becoming incorporated into the plant structure. It may boost nutrient uptake and influence metabolic energy usage, thus helping the plant to better achieve its potential, especially at times of stress.

So biostimulants are NOT food.   They are naturally occurring compounds that positively influence the plant’s biochemistry without becoming part of the plant.

Biostimulants are normally made from naturally occurring compounds.

One of the extraordinary things about biostimulants is the small amount that is needed for the plants to benefit.

One of The Magic Molecule Co. chosen sources of biostimulants are compounds called bioflavonoids and we make sure that all our products contain these vital compounds to boost plant immunity, healthy and vitality.

We combine these bioflavonoids with other vital bioactive components and by mixing them in precise amounts we can create a synergistic effect in the plant.

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