What are bioflavonoids?

April 06, 2020 2 min read

What are bioflavonoids?

Every living thing is made up of a huge number of essential chemicals all having different jobs to do in order to keep us or a plant functioning properly.

There are at least 4,000 different bioflavonoids and they exist in every living organism.
They are some of the most versatile molecules in a plant’s biochemistry.
The word flavonoid comes from the Latin, flavus, meaning yellow.

Bioflavonoids are very reactive and are responsible for colour in flowers, regulating growth, signalling to different parts of the plant and helping manage stress.

They are also the antioxidants for plants. Bioflavonoids always have the same basic chemical makeup, but they have an amazing ability to change form and usage.

Boflavonoid Chemical Makeup

Depending on what a plant needs at any moment Bioflavonoids can transform into a useful defence molecule and change into many different and very helpful tools.

They are the molecular version of a Swiss army knife, even to the point where they can be closed and stored in a safe manner until needed.  This makes bioflavonoids the ideal maintenance and survival tool for plants.

When these bioflavonoid molecules join together with different molecules that link to specific locations on the flavonoid molecule they can become antibiotic or probiotic in nature.  So, this gives the plant the opportunity in some cases to protect itself from attack by bacteria and even insects.

The amounts of these specialist and versatile natural chemistries needed to help individual plants are very small. So, a small volume of bioflavonoids can go a long way in treating a large number of plants.

This is why bioflavonoids play such an important role in the design and makeup of our products at The Magic Molecule Co.  We are making natures tools available to you in high concentrations to help your plants grow more vigorously and help you create your own healthy and thriving garden.