Cultivating a bee friendly garden

September 07, 2020 2 min read

Cultivating a bee friendly garden

Those of us lucky enough to have access to the outdoors this summer may have been investing a bit more time in the garden, not just cultivating flowers, but also our own dinners.

There has been record demand for seeds and an increase in the searching of terms related to growing your own fruit and vegetables. There are many benefits to this surge of interest in home growing, including how many of us are now even more aware of where our food comes from and the processes it may have been put through before we pick them off the supermarket shelves. We are all striving to be more environmentally friendly and to put organic food on the table that is free from pesticides and herbicides, whilst also trying to save costs where we can.

This renewed interest in tending our greenspace has resulted in boosting the diversity and is proving to have another major benefit other than the satisfaction of being able to eat what you’ve grown. With more plants growing in gardens across the country, we’re creating more bee friendly places for this threatened, but vital insect. The larger the variety of plant life, the greater variety of bug and bird life it can support. The many bee species will be relishing in the abundance of fruit, vegetables and flowers that have been carefully tended over lockdown. In return they will have helped you out by pollinating your plants for you. Gardening with these creatures in mind is vital as we become ever more environmentally aware of the devasting effects of man-made chemical pesticides and herbicides can have across many species. We’re trying to remove these from our consumption, and we need to consider eliminating exposure to other creatures whenever we can.

Our 03 Fruit + Vegetables biostimulant can help you along the way, even if you’re not naturally green-fingered. It is a specially formulated biostimulant that will ensure your home-grown produce is safely, naturally and effectively protected from stress and diseases. As a big bonus it also boosts your plants growth, producing more yield, and tastier results, making it easier to feed your households, and feeding them well.

03 Fruit & Vegetables

We’ve picked out a small list of herbs you could consider planting and cultivating with our 03 Fruit + Vegetable biostimulants, which are bee friendly and will help your home grown produce taste even better

  • Mint
  • Chives
  • Rosemary
  • Sage
  • Thyme