The environmental benefits of growing your own food

August 12, 2021 2 min read

The environmental benefits of growing your own food

Many of us know that growing our own food is a good thing to do. How many of you had a go at growing fruit and veggie over the last year? And interest in allotments is experiencing a nationwide renaissance. So, what exactly are the environmental benefits?

Keep it Organic

By growing your own you can ensure that the use of hazardous pesticides and synthetic fertilisers are avoided. Find out more here about why synthetic fertilisers have terrible consequences for our environment (link).

Circular System

For more eco points you can use cuttings from your garden and vegetable scraps to create your very own compost, creating a circular system that requires minimal purchase of chemicals and additives.

Fresh Food

Whether it’s from your garden or your allotment, you can’t get much fresher than picking it yourself on the day you eat it!

No Travel

As your food is going straight from the soil to your plate there are no associated energy costs from large-scale and long-distance distribution. This will dramatically reduce carbon emissions.

No Plastic

Layers of packaging, plastic and cardboard are simply not needed if the demand for long-distance transportation of food is reduced – and let’s face it you’re not going to package your home-grown are you?

Better Taste, Less Waste

Home grown produce tastes better, fresher, and can be more nutritionally dense than mass-produced alternatives. There’s nothing like a homegrown carrot or perfectly picked tomato.


Growing food at home is a great way to encourage your family and local community to connect with the environment. A lot has been written about the mental health benefits of being outside and engaging with plants, but there is also a community aspect as we share the fruits of our labour and new knowledge with others. This is a chance to teach a new generation a better understanding of food, weather, agriculture and the importance of caring for the environment

Children learning to grow Fruit + Veg

For those of you who are already aware of these amazing benefits, you might want to know it’s National Allotment Week 9 August – 15 August. 

Click here for more information on how to join in with National Allotment Week.

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