August gardening tips

August 04, 2021 2 min read

August gardening tips

Following the exceptional heatwave in July, we’re all hoping that we have a warm and dry August – which is usual. One of the biggest jobs in the garden is keeping on top of watering, particularly if you’re growing fruit and veg.

We always try and use recycled water from the house or collected rainwater – being mindful of the environmental impact and potential water shortages that can happen during drier months.

So, what else are we doing in the garden this month? Depending where you live some of these typical August tasks may be a bit late this year. One of the Magic Molecule team member currently has a garden full of lavender which has only just come into flower. The tips below are some typical August tasks we're planning on doing:

  • Prune wisteria after flowering
  • Deadhead flowering plants
  • Collect seeds from garden plants ready to plant again next year
  • Keep on top of weeds to stop them competing for resources with your plants
  • Keep ponds and bird baths topped up
  • Trim lavender plants after they’ve finished flowering
  • Dampen your greenhouse to increase humidity
  • Raise cutting height of your lawn mower as grass growth is slower in late summer
  • Turn the compost in your compost bins


Lavender with Magic Molecules 

  • Cut back herbs to encourage another harvest before the weather gets significantly colder
  • Apply environmentally friendly fertiliser to sweetcorn, peppers, cucumber, aubergine plants and citrus trees
  • Sweetcorn is ready to harvest when you can pop a corn with a thumbnail and the liquid inside is milky
  • Lift and dry onions, shallots and garlic after their foliage has yellowed
  • Carrots and beetroots can be harvested now
  • Second early potatoes are also ready for harvest
  • Lift and pot up rooted strawberry runners
  • Remove any dead foliage around plants
  • Check brassica leaves for cabbage white butterfly eggs
  • Harvest cherries, plums, peaches, nectarines and apricots
  • Early apple varieties may be ready for the end of this month


Most importantly, we’re going to be enjoying the weather by eating lots of homegrown salads for lunch in the garden.

We use this handy guide for the best dressings.

Let us know which is your favourite and make sure you’re looking after your autumn/winter plants and fruit & veg with 01 and 03.