The power of plants & National Honeybee Day

August 16, 2021 2 min read

The power of plants & National Honeybee Day

In many of our previous blogs we’ve been talking about growing our own food and discussing the agricultural industry. But there’s so much more to plants than just food.

Our lives are powered by plants.

They provide us with food, dyes, medicine, shelter, fabrics, they’re air purifying and so much more. We’ve compiled some snippets that we think you’ll find interesting and help you to appreciate just how amazing plants can be – which is why we think it’s so important to look after them kindly.

Bamboo is considered the most useful plant in the world.

Bamboo has been dubbed the most useful plant in the world. The shoots are edible and feature heavily in Asian cooking. They are an excellent source of potassium, fibre and B-complex vitamins. Bamboo is also a great low maintenance, fast-growing ornamental plant capable of capturing a significant amount of CO2. It then releases large amounts of oxygen which is then available for us to breathe. The stems have many uses, and as this plant is technically a grass, they’re hollow and lightweight. It’s wood is really strong and flexible – brilliant for environmentally friendly construction and best of all cutting bamboo and harvesting its wood actually stimulates greater growth.

70,000 plant species are used for medicine.

There are so many examples we could discuss here, but we’ve picked the chilli pepper. Often they’re used as a spice, but the active ingredient that makes chillies hot, capsaicin, also has medical applications for the treatment of neuralgia and rheumatism whilst also being investigated for other uses. The release of endorphins which can be experienced when eating hot chillis can actually help relieve general pain. It also contains anti-inflammatory properties.

Even our houseplants can have a powerful effect on us.

A study found that people who worked in a windowless room with plants worked more efficiently, with a lower blood pressure and better attention than those in the same rom but without the presence of plants. Add a window with a view of trees and greenery and productivity is even better with employees reporting less job stress, fewer ailments and greater job satisfaction.

Did you also know that it’s National Honey Bee Day this month?

Yes, this isn’t strictly a plant fact, but at The Magic Molecule Co. we think it’s important to give credit where credit is due.

The power of plants is indebted to the bees!

On the 21st of August, bee enthusiasts will be celebrating the insect that is responsible for more than a third of the food we eat. They do more than provide us with honey, and their role as pollinators is key to the plants we rely on.

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