Spring is here

April 06, 2021 1 min read

Spring is here

Our gardens are becoming more colourful as this brighter season is now well under way. With gorgeous daffodils, snowdrops and crocus adding colour in our gardens and countryside.

As we continue through spring, finding joy amongst nature is just one small way to feel more optimism and balance in the coming months after a cold winter.

A lot of plants that flower in spring need to be planted in autumn, however, we’ve picked out two recommendations that can be planted now to add an instant splash of colour.

Pansies and violas

These bright and cheery flowers in lots of colours. As they’ll tolerate frost you can still plant them now as the chilly evenings won’t faze them. Can work well planted or in containers, and they last right through till the summer heat.


Sweet alyssum

Another hardy plant that won’t mind the frost. It requires very little maintenance and will bloom throughout spring, summer and autumn, right up until the first hard freeze.

Sweet Alyssum

We can also plan ahead for a summer of riotous colour in our garden!

These are some examples of plants that will flower in the summer and are hardy enough to be planted now to add a bit more to your garden.







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