October gardening tips

October 01, 2021 2 min read

October gardening tips

The evenings are getting cooler and it’s time to embrace autumn. Now is a great time to stay ahead of the weather and prepare for winter.

Our to-do lists for the month look like this:

  • Cover or store wooden garden furniture
  • Clean out greenhouses
  • Store hoses to prevent freezing and splitting
  • Bring terracotta pots inside to prevent them cracking
  • Clear out gutters, ponds and water butts of dead leaves and other debris
  • Tidy hedges for the winter months
Secateurs trimming hedge
  • Check fences, sheds and any other structures for signs of damage before the harsh winter weather
  • Harvest apples, pears and nuts
  • Plant garlic, onions and winter lettuce in the veg patch
  • Cut blackberry stems down to the ground
  • We’re still adding to the spring-flowering bulbs we started planting in September
  • Collect seeds from the garden for sowing next year
Sunflower seeds
  • Make sure the lawn is clear of leaves
  • Compost bin/heap will be healthy with all the cuttings, and you can also turn the leaves into leaf mould
  • Water plants less frequently as the days gets cooler and shorter
  • Finally, the one we’re all excited for; harvesting pumpkins. If they’ve been planted in April-June, they should be ready just ready for Halloween or cooking with.

Some of us at the Magic Molecules HQ are getting excited other things to do in October. We’re feeling nostalgic for collecting conkers, toasting marshmallows and drinking hot chocolate. Some of us have even investigated local maize mazes to keep us busy in the great outdoors 

And of course, there are pumpkin carving plans afoot ready for Halloween. We’re planning on giving this recipe for pumpkin syrup a try, to jazz up our drinks and sweet treats.

What are your favourite recipes for Halloween? And do you have any special garden plans this month? We always love to know or let us know in Instagram or facebook.