How to use our Magic Molecules: Measurement instructions

September 23, 2022 2 min read

How to use our Magic Molecules: Measurement instructions

To reduce the bulkiness of our products our unique biostimulant formula is sold in a highly concentrated state.

We’re able to save on the environmental cost of shipping larger and heavier products whilst also ensuring you get the best value for money by not paying for a bottle that mostly contains water. Instead, the biostimulants from The Magic Molecule Co., arrive ready for you to dilute with water when you want to use them. We have dilution instructions on our website, and on our packaging, to best advise you how to apply our Magic Molecules.

If you’ve used our formulas recently, you’ll know that for every litre of water, you should add 10ml of our biostimulants. We suggest you use the bottle cap as a measurement tool as you know you’ll always have it to hand and can measure it out quickly.

One capful = 5 ml
Two capfuls = 10 ml
This is the correct amount for a single litre of water

But not all watering cans are the same size or with the same unit of measurement. This could require some mathematical conversions or additional meticulous measuring of liquid quantities every time you want to add our biostimulant formulas to your plants, and we don’t want to add any stress to your gardening.

To help, we’ve created table for some of the more common watering can sizes, from a standard mist sprayer to really large watering cans for well-established outdoor gardens, with the corresponding amounts of Magic Molecules you’ll need if you were using the full quantity of water.

Watering can size Amount of water No. of capfuls
Standard water mister 300 ml < half
One pint 568 ml 1 generous capful
Indoor watering can 700 ml 1 and a half capfuls
1 Litre watering can 1000 ml 2
Two pints 1.137 litres 2 + small splash
1.7 litre watering can 1.7 litres 2 and a half capfuls
One Gallon 4.5 litres 9
5 litre watering can 5 litres 500ml (bottle)


Quick and easy to follow, this will ensure that you use the right dilution every time, ensuring the best possible results from our unique biostimulant formula.

Bookmark this page to quickly find it again and remind yourself of the quantities you might need for the next time you reach for our Magic Molecules.