November gardening tips

November 04, 2021 2 min read

November gardening tips

The ground is getting colder, wetter and windier autumnal days are blanketing everything with wet leaves.

As it starts to feel colder our plants will need some extra help with protection. It’s also the perfect time to start planning what we want spring to look like. Here’s what the team has on their to do lists this month. 

  • Plant tulip bulbs in borders, with plenty of soil covering the top
  • Clear annual climbers, such as sweet peas and morning glory, from their supports
  • Make sure potted plants that need some cover have been moved to a sheltered spot
  • Use straw mulch or garden compost to protect borderline hardy plants from temperature related damage, protecting them from winter frosts
  • Disinfect and insulate your greenhouse
  • Move all tender plants inside greenhouse to keep them frost free
  • Add faded cucumber and tomato plants to the compost heap
  • Water houseplants less frequently, avoiding the leaves and be mindful that they may need extra humidity
  • Collect fallen leaves to decompose into leaf mould
Collecting Leaves
  • Use cloches to protect winter peas, beans and salads
  • Take cuttings from fruit bushes
  • Cover garden furniture
  • Plant garlic, shallots and onions and cover with fleece
  • Get on top of garden maintenance, such as repairing fences
  • Wrap insulating materials around outdoor pipes
  • Clean bird feeders ready for use over winter
  • Tidy strawberry beds from overcrowding and old foliage
  • Net brassicas to protect them from birds
  • Plant seed trays of rocket and other leafy crops to grow on an indoor windowsill
  • Check bonfires for sheltering wildlife before lighting

We’re looking forward to using some of the leftover pumpkin from Halloween to indulge in this delicious sounding dinner

Don’t forget that our biostimulants can really help support your plants through the trickiest months, making them more resilient and ready to spring back to life in a few months.

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