June Gardening Tips

May 30, 2022 2 min read

June Gardening Tips

Can you believe that it’s almost the longest day of the year? It’s almost summer-time, and we have an extra long bank holiday weekend to make the most of our gardens. Plenty of time to be ticking off things on our to do list!

We’ll be doing the following in June:

  • Lift and store tulip bulbs after flowering
  • Encouraging the children to go on snail hunts, so they can be picked off plants before they do any damage
  • Give the wisteria its summer prune to encourage flowering next year
Wisteria Plant
  • Keep on planting summer bedding in pots and borders to make sure they’re looking full and colourful
  • Keep on top of watering, preferably using rainwater. It will need to be more frequent with higher temperatures and more light this season. But, if you’re watering in the greenhouse, remember to avoid getting the foliage of plants wet
  • The warmth will also be encouraging lots of activity in the compost bin so lots of checks will be happening as it goes to work decomposing all the garden waste
  • Containers and baskets will benefit from a more frequent use of our biostimulant formula 01 Flowers + Shrubs
  • Fruit and vegetable patches will also be getting some extra doses of 03 Fruit + Vegetables for an extra boost
  • And whilst the fruit crop is developing, make sure they’re protected as they will be very tempting for birds
  • Some of us will also be sowing some herbs on our kitchen windows. Parsley and basil are the most popular choices in the office
  • You can ensure you’ll have a good harvest of chives by cutting the clump down to the base to encourage regrowth
  • It’s the last month to harvest asparagus!
  • And finally, pinch out sideshoots on tomatoes that you may spot above a leaf, at the joint between the leaf and the stem. This will encourage a stronger stem and more fruits

When that’s been ticked off, I know some of us plan to experiment with this biscuit recipe, perfect for the jubilee weekend:


We think we might make it a lemon biscuit and try various combinations with herbs from the garden. Which one sounds best to you, lemon and rosemary, lemon and basil, or lemon and thyme?

We might just have to try them all!