Preparing your lawn for summer

June 09, 2022 2 min read

Preparing your lawn for summer

Summer is coming! Many of us are ready for some warmer days and more time in the garden with our family and friends, perhaps with BBQs and paddling pools…

...It’s easy to get lost in reverie but there are a few things we can start doing now to ensure that the lawn is ready for heavy use over this season.

Start by removing debris, old leaves, or even branches from the grass if the wind has been particularly bad where you are.

  • The key is to keep to a regular and low-level maintenance schedule. It’s easier to do so and keep a lawn looking attractive and pristine, as opposed to having to wrestle to get it back under control. Mowing at the right height, 1-2 times per week will keep it looking smart and will encourage thick grass – if you have the time that is.
Cutting the lawn with lawnmower
  • Fill the gaps. Whether the lawn is patchy or you’ve been removing moss and weeds, by breaking up the surface of the soil, sow grass seeds and lightly rake to incorporate seeds into the surface. If it’s very dry for the next 2-3 days, then water gently.
  • If it’s been a warm spring, the ground may be hard, making it harder for water to penetrate further into the soil. Aerate your lawn by spiking it with a garden fork before watering or rainfall to prevent the water staying at the surface of the soil.
Lawn aeration

Use a garden fork to aerate your lawn, this allows oxygen, water and nutrients to penetrate helping create a stronger root system and a healthier lawn.

  • The use of our lawn supplement, 02 Garden Lawns, will support the long-term health of your lawn as an alternative to lawn feeds that often contain a high amount of NPK. These quickly give a lawn a lush and green look. Over time this diminishes the nutrients and biodiversity from the soil, stressing the grass. Our specially formulated biostimulant encourages the development of strong and well established roots – helping your lawn quickly bounce back and flourish again after a season of being trampled by enthusiastic children and their garden toys, visitors and possibly pets too.
02 Lawns
  • Finally, love having a grass lawn? This year lots of us signed up to take part in No Mow May to encourage biodiversity in our gardens, making them more pollinator friendly. Maybe this isn’t your cup of tea and you prefer the ‘manicured’ finish? The whole lawn does not need to be made into a wildflower meadow for there to be some benefits to the local wildlife, instead, simply consider leaving a small patch when mowing the lawn to try it for yourself.

Read more about how 02 Garden Lawns can improve the health of your lawn.