February gardening tips 2022

February 04, 2022 2 min read

February gardening tips 2022

We’re writing this on a chilly January day, and it’s difficult to think about the beginning of spring. We don’t know how mild a month we are going to have, and a great deal of this depends on how sheltered your garden might be, but we’re ready to spring into action as soon as those first signs appear.

Here’s what’s on our gardening ‘to do’ list this month:

  • Organise seeds – get them filed in the order they need to be sown. This saves disappointment when you miss the ideal planting time or leave packets to be forgotten
  • Organise your shed – this is on everyone’s to do list this month! Also check tools are clean and ready for use. Now is a good time to give them some TLC
  • Prune wisteria – especially if you would like it to flower this year
  • Trim ivy and other climbers before birds start nesting
  • Finish winter pruning fruit trees • Prepare veg beds – clear weeds and cover with garden compost
  • Deadhead amaryllis
  • Keep hanging up fat balls for birds
  • Build raised beds – some of us are planning on adding more space to our veg patches this year, so we’re adding those before the growing season fully begins. Fingers crossed we get round to it!
  • Finally, stock up on biostimulants! – your plants are about to go through lots of growth as the weather warms. Our unique and natural formulations will support your plants and your gardening environment for the year ahead. Lots of the team have their orders in for 01 Flowers + Shrubs already

What are you up to in the garden this month?

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