Favourite gardening Instagram accounts we’re following right now

August 26, 2022 2 min read

Favourite gardening Instagram accounts we’re following right now

There is some great gardening content on Instagram. It really makes us so happy to be scrolling through so many wonderful accounts for inspiration, glorious colour and the amazing gardening enthusiasts that make this such an awesome community.

Thinking about our favourites was a big ask, but here’s just a small selection of some of the accounts that always make us smile when they pop up on our feed:


Their tag line says it all ‘Adding couture to your manure!’ A glorious node to the camp and colour of gardening, with some fabulous reels that might make you consider tending your allotment in sky high pink platforms…maybe.


A humorous and honest depiction of an amateur’s adventures into plant life. Whilst Luke does share his mistakes, it’s done with a laugh and a smile. A beautiful grid with some serious flower power, we cannot wait for his dahlias to be in bloom again.


A one stop shop for plastic free gardening supplies and great tips on how to make environmentally friendly choices for your garden. Yes, they stock our Magic Molecules… so we’re perhaps a little bit biased, but they’re a great place to find small brands, and there’s a wonderful story highlight with some great book recommendations.


We love this account for the captions. They perfectly sum up the highs, lows and the innuendos that are all part of the gardening experience. His reels also guarantee you’ll be treated to a little snippet of a classic song that you’ll be humming for the rest of the day. Definitely one to make you smile.


This account is run by Sarah Gerrard-Jones, a gold medallist at RHS Chelsea Flower Show. Impressive credentials! This account has amazing tips on how to prolong the life of your houseplants, with the aim to reduce our insatiable appetite for cheap houseplants that are often thrown away when looing sad. We especially love the ‘Old plants’ story highlight, featuring shared photos of houseplants that are still going strong after many years, many over 20, and some over 50 years old! They’re delightfully unique and perfectly demonstrate the benefit of a little perseverance when faced with a less than happy plant.

Who have we missed? Share some of your favourites with us on our social pages, we’d love to find some new accounts to follow.