If you want a thriving garden, you’ve come to the right place.

Our specialist treatments help plants flourish. How? Using Magic Molecules means you can reduce any plant food and fertiliser you currently use. Why? Our innovative liquid is a scientifically proven 100% natural plant biostimulant which enables plants to efficiently extract the nutrients it needs from the soil resulting in stronger plant growth. As your garden begins to flourish and get healthier, your plants will have less reliance on artificial soil feed and fertilisers.

Our biostimulants are an important innovation in the global need to reduce the use of synthetic nitrogen-based fertilisers for plants.

Try Magic Molecule today and you will begin to see a naturally healthier and more sustainable garden.

Only £9.99 each (using discount codes at checkout)

Our plant boosting biostimulant range

01 Flowers + Shrubs

There's nothing like a blooming garden. Enjoy flourishing flowers, rigorous roots, luscious leaves and plants that have an increased ability to resist nasty pests.

Usually £12.99
Use code 'Boost01'
Only £9.99


02 Garden Lawns

Love your lawn? 02 Garden Lawns is developed with the same science used for the world’s top sports venues and grounds. Your turn to get the crowds cheering.

Usually £12.49
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Only £9.99


03 Fruit + Vegetables

We are what we eat, so super boost your fruit and veg with 03 our sustainable supplement. From top notch tomatoes to brilliant beans, help them be the best they can be.

Usually £14.49
Use code 'Boost03'
Only £9.99


04 Houseplants

For the happiest, healthiest indoor plants and satisfied succulents. Try 04 Houseplants and keep your green family flourishing and healthy all year round.

Usually £13.79
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Only £9.99


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