Learn more about our scientifically formulated and proven products:

01 Flowers + Shrubs

01 is a concentrated formula designed to boost plants’ long-term health. Perfect for those gardeners who love blooms and plenty of colour, 01 Flowers + Shrubs encourages healthy leaves, more foliage and beautiful blooms.

02 Garden Lawns

Who doesn’t love a luscious lawn? Our proven biostimulant is a lawn supplement developed by the same scientists who supply world famous golf courses and sports stadia. 02 Garden Lawns is ideal for those who lust after a lush, healthy lawn with a rich colour. A great garden gift idea for anyone who enjoys spending time outdoors.

03 Fruit + Vegetables

Looking for gifts for vegetable gardeners? 03 Fruit + Vegetables is perfect for a food enthusiast who is looking forward growing tastier and bigger fruit and veg next year. Our organic biostimulant is a great addition for those who love a plentiful allotment.

04 – House Plants

For those with the odd orchid or succulent, to those who are houseplant-mad; 04 is a great present for an indoor plant lover looking to boost their indoor space. Perfectly formulated for house plants, 04 is a concentrated formula made with 100% naturally occurring compounds to help their plants become happier and healthier.