The Magic Molecule Co. and NPK

July 22, 2022 2 min read

The Magic Molecule Co. and NPK

What Is NPK?

This term is an often-used acronym for essential nutrients that plants need access to.

N – Nitrogen

P – Phosphorus

K – Potassium

Nitrogen makes a lawn look green and luscious, it boosts leafy growth and is most often needed by our plants in the spring and early summer as it has a burst of growth. Phosphorus is needed for healthy root development during planting, such as autumn time. Potassium helps flowers and fruit production, so it’s especially needed in late spring until the end of summer.

Green Leaf close-up

Many commercial fertilisers use combinations of these ingredients, which sounds like they do a lot of good for plants, but there are some huge downsides. Without properly balanced use, plants may be damaged. Too little access to NPK and a plant is unable to develop properly, however, too much will burn your plants and upset the quality of your soil. This has huge repercussions in the wider environment as the symbiotic relationship between the plant and microorganisms in the soil is interrupted. This degradation of soil health throughout the country has been rapidly worsening, in addition to excess NPK polluting rivers, and the environmental cost of the production of these synthetic fertiliser products.

How can The Magic Molecule Co. help?

Unlike other gardening products that promise to rapidly improve the health of your plant, our unique biostimulant formulas contain negligible amounts of NPK. Instead, our natural ingredients enhance the health of the soil, improving the relationship between that and the plant, and making the NPK already within the soil more accessible for the plant to use.

When consistently used with compost or manure, your soil will be able to provide the necessary NPK for a plant to thrive. Combine this with our formulas to help ensure plants can best access those necessary nutrients and put it to good use, we can boost their health and appearance whilst maintaining a no toxin approach.