The Benefits of Bioflavonoids

August 05, 2022 2 min read

The Benefits of Bioflavonoids

We’ve put together a quick cheat sheet on bioflavonoids, what they are, why they’re great, and why they’re such an important component of our products at The Magic Molecule Co.

What is a bioflavonoid?

The word is derived from the Latin ‘flavus’, meaning yellow, and is a chemical that has many uses in a plant, including its pigmentation, often a vivid yellow. They also regulate growth, help manage stress in a plant, and acts as a natural defence system by managing the presence of free radicals.

Whilst free radical activity is normal in cells, free radicals are highly reactive molecules that can start harmful reactions in cells if they’re not controlled, leading to disease, stress or injury. Something we would rather avoid!

Why are bioflavonoids so great?

  • Bioflavonoids are incredibly versatile, and can be stored in a plant until needed for maintenance or survival
  • They protect a plant against disease, stress and injury
  • It aids with anti-microbial protection
  • And it is necessary for UV filtration
  • Many contribute to the colours of plants and petals, such as yellow petals or red buds
  • These essential pigmentations attract pollinating insects – a vital role!
  • Flavonoids are secreted into the soil, improving the relationship between the plant, the roots, and the soil it’s growing in
  • We eat a lot of them, as they are a key component in tasty foods, such as onions and blueberries
  • A rich and varied diet of bioflavonoids means we consume important antioxidants which then support our health

Why bioflavonoids are an important part of our biostimulants?

Hopefully the answer to this is already becoming clear from the previous bullet points. Bioflavonoids are integral in supporting the growth and development of a plant. By utilising these natural powerhouses, as opposed to synthetic alternatives, our products support plant life organically to help them survive and thrive. A plant’s natural tolerance and recovery from exposures to stressors will improve, they can absorb water and necessary nutrients more easily, soil condition is improved and flowers, foliage and fruit are bigger and better.

Even better? A little goes a long way to boost the health of your garden.

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