May Gardening Tips

April 30, 2022 1 min read

May Gardening Tips

We’re getting glimpses of the summer to come, and it’s getting everyone in the office excited. Plenty of planting to be done though, and lots of prep still underway so we can best enjoy our green space.

We’re getting through lots of our Magic Molecules Co. biostimulants to boost the growth and vigour of our plants as we eagerly await the colour that will be coming in the next few months.

Here’s what else is on our to do lists:

  • Ventilate the greenhouse on warm days
  • If we’re having dry weather, we’ll be watering our gardens early in the morning or later in the evening to make the water go further
  • Plant up your summer hanging baskets
  • Trim and smarten up hedges - Watch out for powdery mildew!
  • Tie in climbing roses and sweet pea plants
  • Remove old flower heads from lavender and a small amount of stem
  • Remove weeds and other competing plants from your beds
  • Let spring bulbs die back on their own
  • Lift and divide clumps of daffodils if they’re getting overcrowded
  • Protect strawberry plants with straw and netting
  • Apply our 02 Garden Lawn treatment to ensure healthy green grass growth, especially if you’ve also applied some lawn seed to repair bare patches

Finally, we’ll be harvesting our rhubarb! We’ve been talking about this recipe for rhubarb and custard bread and butter pudding. It sounds so delicious.

What are you planning on doing in the garden this month?