March gardening tips

March 04, 2022 2 min read

March gardening tips

The recent weeks of storms and bad weather have us even more excited for spring and some colour in the garden.

Once we’ve restored our gardens after the wind damage, many of the jobs we’re focusing on this month involve making sure the soil’s nutrients are replenished, ready to help with new growth. It’s a good time to start introducing our biostimulant formulas into your gardening to help plants access these vital components for a healthy lawn.

Have a look at our team’s to do list for March as we prepare for warmer months.

  • Mow the lawn on non-rainy days
  • Turf can be laid
  • If you’re planning on growing your lawn from seed, prepare the ground for sowing now, ready to sow in April
  • Keep clearing any leaf debris, especially after the winds, to prevent disease spreading
  • If you have a pond, it’s time to start feeding the fish again
Garden pond
  • Re-surface any paths you may have in the garden before plants cover it
  • Clean walls and patios, especially if they’re getting slippery
  • Clean watering cans
  • Add fresh compost to the top of containers (indoor and outdoor)
  • Sweet peas can be sown outside this month
  • Plant summer bulbs such as Dahlias
  • Deadhead daffodils as they fade
  • Plant onions, shallots and early potatoes
  • Clear beds of weeds and top up with compost
  • Pot up houseplants that may be root-bound
  • Start ventilating the greenhouse on warmer days

If the weather is warmer, some plants, such as citrus plants, may be put outside during the day. But may need bringing in again if a cold night is expected What’s on your to do list this month? Have you stocked up with our biostimulants in preparation for Spring?

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