July Gardening Tips

July 04, 2022 2 min read

July Gardening Tips

Long warm days and evenings are upon us. We’re loving al fresco dining as it’s the perfect time to just sit and soak in all that hard work.

Whilst ‘enjoy the sunshine’ is the top of all our to-do lists here at the office, there are a few things on the list we need to keep on top of:

  • Keep regularly deadheading, especially sweet peas and roses. This will encourage more blooms and elongate the colourful displays
  • Make sure tall plants and climbers have good support in case there’s a weird and wonderful weather surprise
  • Keep watering in the evening to minimise the water evaporating off the surface, and top up bird baths
  • And also damp down the greenhouse on hot days to increase humidity - Dahlias will need a good dose of water and nutrients. Our 01 Flowers + Shrubs formula is perfect for this
  • If you’re growing courgettes, make sure to pick them before they become marrows
  • Check the veg patch for slugs - Use our 02 Garden Lawns biostimulant formula to keep your grass heathy during dry patches
  • Raspberries need lots of watering, so keep an eye on the soil 
  • Prune wisteria
  • Pinch out tomato side shoots and keep the number of leaves on the plant under control to avoid disease
  • Regularly apply our 03 Fruit + Vegetables biostimulant formula to your summer crops to give your plants a boost. They’re using lots of energy at the moment as they grow their fruits. Plus you’ll have a bigger and tastier crop!
  • We’ll be picking some of our kitchen herbs now to freeze and use in later months, and cutting lavender to dry
  • Turn the compost bin contents to keep it well aerated
  • Order bulbs for autumn planting

When we’re not pottering in the garden or soaking up the sun, we’ll be using the excuse that by picking blooms it’ll encourage more growth. These flowers will absolutely not be going to waste, but will make up table arrangements both inside and out to enjoy the colour as much as possible!

There are some useful tips on cutting flowers here on the RHS website.