How do The Magic Molecule Co. products help plants grow stronger?

March 04, 2021 1 min read

How do The Magic Molecule Co. products help plants grow stronger?

As plants are unable to move in quite the same way as humans or animals, they are reliant on other methods to ensure they have the environment, water and nutrients needed to grow.

The main part of the plant involved in this process are the roots. Despite usually being underground, the root’s functions are hugely important to the plant’s wellbeing.

What do roots do?

  • They anchor the plant in the soil, keeping it upright.
  • Roots interact with the soil to protect the plant from disease and encourage better soil health.
  • They absorb oxygen, water and dissolved minerals.
  • Roots store food for the plant.

From the roots, nutrients can be moved around a plant to the leaves, so that they can interact with sunlight and photosynthesise. This then produces the necessary sugars and energy for the plant to thrive. This highlights just how important these hidden parts of the plant are.

The Magic Molecule Co. products support a plant throughout the entirety of its life cycle by giving it a natural boost. This often results in a much larger and denser root system.

This means a plant is:

  • Better able to anchor itself in hostile weather conditions
  • Able to increase water and nutrient uptake, increased surface of the root area is more easily able to access what is needed
  • Able to store, and have access to, more food.

All these benefits, plus the subsequently improved soil condition, further aid the growth, resilience, and strength of your plants.

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