Garden trends for 2022

January 20, 2022 2 min read

Garden trends for 2022

We know, trends aren’t always there to be followed. But we’ve picked out some of our favourite trends being forecast for our gardens this year, that we will actually take inspiration from.

The headline seems to be that the focus on well-being and sustainability in our gardens is here to stay. As something we are constantly striving to be better at, this is a trend that The Magic Molecule Co., is delighted to see sticking around. So, what might that entail?

The increased use of peat-free compost

By going peat-free, gardeners can reduce the demand for the mining of peat, which has been intensive, and has adverse effects on the climate, releasing large amounts of carbon stored within them, and destroying the surrounding ecosystems.

Pollinator friendly plants

We all know the importance of bees and other pollinating insects now. This awareness has lead to many predicting that gardeners will be keen to find more space in their garden to support the local wildlife. In addition to that, the aesthetic many are predicted to aspire to is that of a more ‘natural’ approach, with a focus on rewildling.

Less fertiliser and chemical use

This is something we’ve been shouting about, and is an important way to ensure we protect the biodiversity of our gardens, and reduce our carbon footprint of the products we use in our garden space. There is also a trend for lowering the carbon footprint by scything, locally sourcing materials, plants and products and growing more of your own produce.

No dig methods

This is a technique pioneered by Charles Dowding. When we dig over our soil we release small amounts of carbon into the atmosphere. The no dig method instead consists of piling on the nutrient and carbon rich compost on the surface and allowing the worms to work the nutrients through the soil instead. This will ensure more carbon is sequestered in the soil, and the beneficial organisms in the soil are left to become more prevalent.

Natural spaces

Aesthetically the trend is moving towards more natural looking spaces rather than being ‘over designed’. Whole sections of space are being assigned for ‘rewilding’, and tapestry lawns, which consist of many different plant species are becoming increasingly sought after.

Other plants that are predicted as being more popular this year?

The highly instagrammable Dahlia, the air-purifying Aster, and vibrant Forget-me-nots – and we can’t wait to see this trend bloom.

What are you planning on adding to your garden this year? If you’re keen to join the trend in making positive environmental changes like we are, take a look at our biostimulants to see how you can give your plants a boost and minimise chemical use in your garden.

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