August Gardening Tips 2022

July 29, 2022 2 min read

August Gardening Tips 2022

Whilst the UK hit unprecedented temperatures of 40C degrees in some places in July, August is usually one of the hottest months of the year.

Our gardens have already been scorched and dried, so a big focus for the team at The Magic Molecule Co. will be on economically using water to keep our gardens alive.

We’ll be:

  • Using grey water where possible if water butts are running low
  • Putting a mulch layer down to provide some damp insulation and keep moisture in the ground and to protect any surface roots
  • Moving pots into shaded areas where possible
  • Watering the garden early morning or late evening so it doesn’t immediately evaporate
  • And focusing on plants that are still establishing themselves as opposed to others that may be capable of being a little more self sufficient

What else are we doing in the garden?

  • Prune wisteria to keep it under control and improve its flowering
  • Lavender bushes need to be trimmed after they have finished flowering
  • Continuing to grow salads such as summer lettuce, radish, rocket and fennel which are fast to mature and therefore enjoy at the lunch table
  • Deadhead faded flowers to encourage more flowers And enjoy the garden!
Ice Lollies in Garden

Many of us in the office will be putting the freezer to good use by experimenting with some homemade ice lollies. A delicious way to keep cool in the sunshine! Some of the favourite flavour combinations we’ve found so far are:

  • Gin & Tonic ice lollies
  • Rainbow fruit lollies with mango, banana, kiwi and berries
  • Strawberry and Prosecco ice lollies
  • Apricot, cardamom and pistachio ice lollies

What are you up to in your garden this month? Let us know on our Instagram page